SBL M1 Frame

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Air-ducted drones are cool, and as such we engineered our first one in the SBL-M1 carbon fiber frame. This frame platform allows for expandability on standard 20x20mm component layouts and gives builders options to personalize and integrate 3D printed air ducts (Skybot Labs 3D Printed Air Ducts are coming soon!), or no air ducts for that sleek, industrial look. This frame is made for those who want a lightweight drone that can be both indoor/ outdoor and have a compact design.


  • Frame Thickness:
    • Top Plate and Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight: 2.1oz
  • Motor mounts universally fit most after-market drone motors and machined 3 inches from dead center
  • M2 diameter screw hole tooling and 20x20 mm expandable mounting layout for your stack and electronic components in the main component area; M3 diameter screw hole tooling in air duct circumference for standoff/ standard mounting
  • Future forward modular frame platform for interchangeability with other SBL X-Blur line of air ducted frames (coming soon)
  • Made from Zero-waste carbon fiber

What’s Included:

  • SBL-M1 carbon fiber frame plates
  • 10 5mm diameter M3 knurled screw standoffs
  • M2 and M3 screw set
  • LiPo Battery pad
  • LiPo Battery strap