SBL X-Blur V1 - 5" Frame

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Our original prototype frame with some slight design tweaks, the SBL X-Blur V1 5” carbon fiber frame embodies what got us into drone racing and drone building to begin with a unique tail contour to stand out from the crowd. This drone frame is great platform for beginners-to-advanced pilots, hobbyists, and builders, and offers an awesome foundation to build off of.


  • Frame Thickness:
    • Arm Thickness: 4mm
    • Top Plate, Middle, and Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight: 3.6oz
  • Motor mounts universally fit most after-market drone motors
  • Designed for 4 to 5-Inch propellers
  • M3 diameter screw hole tooling and 30x30 mm expandable mounting layout for your stack and electronic components
  • Future forward modular frame platform for interchangeability with other SBL X-Blur line of frames and carbon fiber replacement parts
  • Made from Zero-waste carbon fiber

What’s Included:

  • SBL X-Blur V1 5” carbon fiber frame plates and arms
  • 4 5mm diameter M3 knurled screw standoffs
  • M3 screw set
  • LiPo Battery pad
  • LiPo Battery strap
*Protect your motors and the arm ends on the X-Blur frame with our line of skids